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 NY State Assembly
Assemblyman William Colton, 47th Assembly District
Assemblywoman Pamela Harris, 46th Assembly District

NY City Council
Councilman Mark Treyger, 47th Council District

NY State Committee Member
District Leader Charles Ragusa, 47th Assembly District

District Leader Ari Kagan, 45th Assembly District

Community Leader
Fethullah Onal Executive Director of Turkish Cultural Center Brooklyn
John Chan – American Chinese Commerce Association
Jin Rong Zhen – Tai Shan Friendship Association
Daniel Rong – Tai Shan Association
Henry Fung – United State New York Enping Chamber of Commerce
Bin Ting Mei – New York Tai Shan Associate
Wei Tang Zhang – GuangZhou Association of America
Kan Yun Chiu – Guang Dong Association of America